The association was started by Wisti Seerup, March 1992, at Novo Nordisk leisure center in Denmark under the name 

'Novo Nordisk Shotokan Karate JKA'.
We moved in 1997 to Havremarkens School in Nørrebro, and in 1998 the name was changed to 'KI-DO Karate'.

In year 2000 Wisti Sensei went to Japan to train for a while. But it ended up being for over ten years, with training on

Shotokai and Shotokan Honbu Dojo, as well as trips to Okinawa and around the rest of Japan and China.

In early 2002, Wisti Sensei was licensed to practice in front of a small temple, and here laid the foundation for

'KI-DO Karate Japan' which was established the same year. Soon came new members, but as there were also

other things to care for, it was not possible to travel to Denmark often enough to handle the Danish dojo properly.

So therefore KI-DO Karate in Denmark is temporarily suspended.

In 2011 Wisti Sensei traveled to the U.S. to further develop KI-DO, and from here continue to manage KI-DO in Japan.

The meaning of the word 'KI' is for us physical and mental energy and 'DO' is the way.
The program is based on the karate principles Kihon, Kata and Kumite, which are

important elements in the training and further education. But because everyone is individual

and everything is changing, we also attach techniques that are tailored to each person.

 KI-DO is a member of

 Danish Karate Federation € Nordic Karate Federation € European Karate Union € World Karate Federation